12 Powerful Ideas for Improving Your Sales Brochures

Look at your existing sales brochures and see if one or more of these ideas could improve its effectiveness.

  1. Show test results that confirm that your product or service performs as you say it does.
  2. Use case studies showing the successful application of your product or service.
  3. Provide sample calculations of cost savings or other benefits.
  4. Compare your product or service with the competition, feature by feature.
  5. Compare your product or service with the cost of the buyer doing nothing and sticking with his old ways.
  6. Provide useful information about the application of your product or service that is not readily available.
  7. Present points logically in a progressive persuasive order that answers the prospective customer’s probable questions and expected points of objection in an order that the prospective customer would ask them.
  8. Design the materials so that it presents one major topic per spread or page.
  9. Don’t cram too much material into the first page or spread. It must be very inviting if you are going to get your prospective customer started on your message.
  10. For longer brochures, consider using an index or table of contents to direct the prospective customer to the right section.
  11. Try to include at least one photograph of your product. Avoid drawings for new products as this suggests you haven’t made any of them yet.
  12. Use tables and graphs to support your claims and present the properties of the product.

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Having the right printed marketing material can make a huge impact on how your company is perceived. The right look and feel of your company's brochure, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and direct mail pieces communicates the overall quality of your company and helps your collateral stand out amongst your competitions.

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